Saturday, April 7, 2007

when I was in kindergarden i all i had to do was find out if it was a circle or a square. when i went to first grade it got a little bit more challenging. finally it was time for second grade. One of the students in my class got held back. now im in third grade. i hope nobody gets held back this year. that would stink. boo hoo. lol.

there is me and my award.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

im in gate soo i get to do extra algebra. its really fun and i love it. my teacher is a really funny teacher. he like has all the jokes in the world. but if you fool around tomuch he'll put you on detention. one time i shouted out an anwser in class and he put me on detention. but lets get back to the algebra part. each time i go to the class it gets harder and harder. But slightly easier. theres me the best little kid in the world. i dont look like that anymore now im older.

my mom is an education directer. it is really cool. she gets to do speeches. it must be really scary. i would be freaked out being in front of all those people. i wonder if shes scared? mabye shes just a brave lady. but i cant be sure of that. after the speech maybe thats when she shows her scaredness.

my dad really likes wine but certainaly i hate it. i think it tastes like rotten tuna yuck. i like more fruity drinks like shirley temple. i think it is sooo yummy. any of you like wine? yuck! if you like it im not any thing like you.

i wish i could run free like when i was little. i'd have soooooooo much fun running around! but i dont think thats ever gonna happen. because im not a little kid anymore. if i ran free my dad would get mad. he is a great poster though. you should check his site out.

runescape dragonfable

my brother is playing runescape right now. hes trying to make money. he also plays dragonfable i do to. maybe you people would want to go play those games. trust me their really fun. i have an acount for them tooo. so go and play runescape and dragonfable their really fun to play. well thats what i think any way. all you guys who like video games you can find some right here.

thank you

today i almost lost my acount i mean that was close. good thing my dad knows about computers. oh boy that was close. i was really getting worried.